Kaizen Club

Kaizen Club

Kaizen club (Student association for activities) is constituted which organizes regularly seminars, workshops, symposiums, training programmes and guest lecturers for the up gradation of student personality. Under the club activities events calendar is prepared well in advance for each academic year.

With a view to nurture students’ talents and train them to become successful individuals capable of facing the challenges of corporate world with confidence, the department has created a unique mechanism. In addition to the subject oriented, student involved activities are encouraged by the faculty within the classroom.

Synovum – State Level Management Students Meet

Under the banner of Kaizen Club, Synovum-State Level Management Students Meet is organized every year which attracts active participation of managememnt students from various business schools. Synovum provides a forum for budding management professionals to showcase their inherent.

The following activities are regularly organized to impart personality and leadership skills.

Seminars Extempore Mock Press
Marketing warfare Business Quiz Role play
Sudoku Perception Game Brainstorming Game
Debate Case study Group discussion
Stress interview Man hunt Coordination game
Communication game Stock game Interaction game
Know your friend Story telling game Innovative game
Simulation game Managerial Grid game Puzzles
Floor crossing Building management words Business plan contest
Market survey Mini Projects Company Analysis
Industry Analysis Market Analysis Store Analysis (Retail Formats)
Brand Analysis Advertising Analysis (Trends) Sales Promotion Analysis
Stock Market Analysis Market Research